Florent Robinet

Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
Université Paris-Sud 11 - UMR 8607
Bâtiment 200
91898 Orsay cedex

email: robinet@lal.in2p3.fr
Phone: +33 1 6446 8912
Fax:   +33 1 6907 9404

Home: 258 rue de Paris 91120 Palaiseau France Map email: florent.robinet@free.fr Phone: +33 9 5443 1407
Short Presentation

I have been a Ph. D. student at the Service de Physique Nucléaire (SPhN) in Saclay. I worked on the COMPASS experiment at CERN which aims at studying the structure of the nucleon. My thesis work mainly focused on the measurement of the gluon polarization in the nucleon or to know how much the gluon spin contributes to the proton spin. I also was involved in some detector work since I contributed to the installation, the calibration and the characterisation of the drift chambers of the COMPASS spectrometer.

After my thesis defense in 2008, I decided to change the scope of my research. I joined the Virgo experiment as a post-doc in the LAL group and got a permanent CNRS position 3 years later. I'm involved in the detector characterisation group where we try to understand the noise of the Virgo detector. I'm also responsible of the cosmic string analysis where gravitational waves produced by cosmic super-strings are searched. This analysis in done in collaboration with LIGO physicists from CITA and the UW-Milwaukee Center for Gravitation and Cosmology.

In 2010 I started to work on the experimental set-up of CALVA which is a test facility for the future detector Advanced Virgo. My work mainly concerns the simulation of the detector's double cavities and to study the best R&D solutions.

On a more personal aspect, I like travelling, watching movies (plenty actually), I like listening movie scores. I like photography especially the panoramic format. I play violin.

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